Our history

Garibaldi Real Estate in Bordighera has been working for its customers since 1929, representing one of the oldest activities still present in the city since the first post-war period.

The founding date of the agency is not accidental. In 1929 with the coming to power of Mussolini many British owners of the most prestigious properties in the area, reluctantly left Bordighera and had to sell their properties.

Giacomo Garibaldi was the great-grandson of Captain Giuseppe Garibaldi and he had had the opportunity to travel and stay for a short period in England. For this reason he could speak fairly good English and was therefore directly involved in the sales of English properties so as to become their trusted intermediary. Even after the departure of the British and with the end of the war, Antonio Garibaldi continued to operate as a real estate agent.

He himself left the business to our family in 1965, with the sole request for commit to respecting the same principles of professional fairness, transparency and courtesy that he had pursued and that led him to gain the trust of somany customers.


Garibaldi Real Estate  has always been proudly connected to Bordighera and its surrounding area, its hinterland, its traditions and its countless historical and natural beauties. Our working principles are still linked to mutual respect with customers, human relationships and fairness between colleagues.

By relying on us, not only can you count on the highest levels of professionalism, but you will find people who just love their land and want to be clean and proud of their work. Since 1929.

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